Gift Cards

North Shore Square Mall Gift Cards

Effective February 19, 2015 North Shore Square no longer sells mall gift cards.

Previously purchased gift cards are still valid and can be redeemed at any North Shore Square store which accepts Discover Card.

Gift Card Maintenance Fee

Gift Cards must be activated by the customer by calling 1-800-798-4099. Once activated, if the Gift Card is not used for 12 consecutive months, a $3.00 dormancy fee will be assessed against the balance for the Gift Card in the 13th month and each month after unless the Gift Card is used. Once the Gift Card is used again, the dormancy fee will cease until 12 more months of non-use passes. No other fees will be charged.

The Gift Card is valid until the Valid Thru date printed on the card, which is at least 5 years from the date the Gift Card is purchased.

Looking for the perfect gift? Several of North Shore Square's stores offer store gift cards for purchase.